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Yes, it’s that time of year. We moved our book group discussion out to the deck this month, which is one step closer to what I know will be an eventual meeting in the pool as the summer goes on. Next month, my group will be discussing DID I EVER TELL YOU? by Genevieve (Gwen) Kingston. I was so moved by this memoir and my conversation with Gwen about it (you can see that later in this newsletter). There are books that are special and will stay with you. This is one of them!

I watch movies and TV shows as much as I read. I especially enjoy films and programs that are based on books, and there are a lot of them these days. It’s clear that authors create characters and plots that can be adapted for the big and small screens. I enjoy seeing what stays the same and what changes, and how scenes are set up and interpreted. Sometimes programming surprises me. I look at a crowd scene and think about how that is staged. I think about the costuming that is created. I think about how a shoot is done, knowing that filming multiple scenes in a location even when they are not in order is typically the most cost-effective.