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This month, we are really excited to share our readers’ selections of their Top 10 Favorite Discussion Books, which were gathered from the submissions in our 10th Anniversary Contest. Stephen Bedford in our office had the yeoman’s task of compiling the top selections from more than 12,000 entries, so a huge round of applause to him for a job well done. After he tracked the top titles, a small group of us met and looked deeper at your selections. We had fun doing this as we found ourselves remembering familiar titles, learning about some new ones, and getting to know your groups better as we read through your lists. We felt we were at the table with many of you as the personality of a group can come forth by looking at their selections. For those of you who are thinking of adding group members, you may want to consider sharing your group’s favorite titles with incoming members as a way to give them a better idea of what excites your group.