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In my book group, we keep up with one another via a Facebook group. If we see something interesting to read during the month, or something about an author we have read, we post it there. Close to the time of our meeting, which we are trying to keep to the third Wednesday of the month, we talk about where we are gathering. I am happy to host as I am the one without young children. There usually is some commentary about the book at this point. One member said this month, “I have strong feelings about this book (let’s be real, I often have strong feelings about our picks),” which made me smile.

This week, after our monthly “Bookaccino Live” preview event, readers who attended brought up the topic of online book groups. They shared the names of the groups in which they had participated both during this conversation and in email follow-up. We are planning to share a list of these groups once we have had time to give them a closer look. If you have participated in an online book group that you have enjoyed, let us know the name of the group, what you enjoy about it, and some of the books they have discussed. Send me an email with the subject line “Online Book Groups.”