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In August, September and October, I spent days as a frontier girl sans electricity as hurricanes, rainstorms and a freak October snowstorm rolled through my town. Let’s just say that those Little House on the Prairie books made life before electricity look a lot more cozy and fun than I found it to be. But then again, Laura and the clan were not dealing with running a group of Internet sites or trying to read books 'til all hours of the night. They went to bed when the sun went down as they had to get up early to do things like churn the butter. Instead, I, the consummate night owl, was seeking out power like a gold miner. I learned to bring a power strip anywhere where there might be power so I could plug every device in. I also learned that an iPad can light up a room like a lamp when on the max brightness setting. I had lunch with a friend yesterday who told a story about how she and her husband were both reading on their iPads and quickly realized that they were like twin bed lamps. I wonder if Steve Jobs thought about THAT as a role for the iPad.