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Last week at BookExpo America (BEA), I got a chance to meet some of our readers at the Speed Dating sessions that we sponsored on Friday and Saturday. One reader said “she wanted to be me” after reading the newsletters for years. A few moments later, when I was toting some big boxes of galleys, I joked, “Still want to be me?” It was amusing as the crazy behind-the-scenes action that rolls the week we are pulling together an update includes a lot of feverish writing and gathering of materials for the books we are featuring. It also means that, by Friday night, I usually decompress by…watching a movie. I am a big Netflix fan, though recently we have queued up films that end abruptly, leaving us to guess the ending, leading my husband to glance at me and say, “Again?” I think that should be included with a rating. “Ends abruptly; be prepared.”