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So what has your book group been up to? Are you meeting remotely? Are you still reading and emailing each other about the books you are reading? Are you postponing your discussions? Shoot me a note at [email protected]. PLEASE use the subject line (so I can find your comment) “My Group,” and in our next newsletter I will let you know what we are hearing from people around the country. If you are not reading the same book for discussion, I am going to recommend that you all share what you are reading in emails to each other. You know your fellow members' tastes, so your recommendations can be golden!

When we left off, we were in the early days of quarantine and a new term that has become a household word: “social distancing.” Who knew this phrasing would be part of our lexicon?

Lots of groups shared ideas for remote meeting, and some other questions came up. So let me “go to the mailbag” first, as there are some great ideas here.