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After never belonging to a book group, I have been in two book groups over the last couple of years. One, with members in my neighborhood, fizzled during the pandemic, while the other, comprised mostly of young moms, continued to meet --- first virtually, then outdoors (we became adept at campfire discussions), and recently in-person indoors.

We lost one of the group’s founders when she moved to Colorado in December. With her departure, our regular meeting place at a firehouse where her husband volunteered also vanished. Recently we have been a dedicated band of five, with other members dropping in and out of meetings.

On Monday night, we had the best-laid plans to enjoy book group outside at my house. But we are currently stuck in an evening rain pattern that is anything but fun. That said, we had a really lovely night as Jean Hanff Korelitz joined us to talk about THE PLOT, which we all enjoyed. It was special to have Jean virtually at our table engaging with us --- and one of our group members was on vacation with her family, so she logged on as well. There are so many positive things that happen from tuning in virtually. Jean shared background on her writing, and our group members asked some really sharp questions. I cannot tell you more about our discussion without giving something away, except to say that if you can have an author join your group, do it!